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Elsewhere is here: Anderswo (TBA / exhibitions in Bristol and Hanover, 2018)


Zhuangzi & The Butterfly (Festival, Tel-Aviv University, Israel, 2018)


Walking, Resting, Place-Making (Victoria Stanton / McGill University, CA, 2018


Acts / Re-Acts (Wimbledon Space, London, UK, 2018)


Gesture, Trace & Performance (Herbert Read Gallery, UCA Canterbury, 2017)


Out of The Bush Garden  (Palazzo Loredan Venice, Lucio Benetton Foundation, IT/CA, 2017)


Embodied Cartographies (live-art work, Fringe Arts Bath, May 2017)


Elastic (performance art festival, Oxford, May 2017)


DRAWinternational (researcher project, Caylus, FR, Mar. 2017)









A book chapter published now in:

Nancy & Visual Culture

Edinburgh University Press, 2016

– cover photo from Details Through Pointing (2013)

Sanded Steps, Standing Over Stones (2017) at Embodied Cartographies


Demonstration One (2017) at Elastic performance art festival


Screened Page (2016) at the exhibition Line, Point, Plane, at Nunnery Gallery


Two Seen, One Unseeing (2016) at the live art event Duration and Dialogue, at Katzmann Contemporary, Canada.