Robert Luzar is an artist, writer and educator living in Bristol, UK.

His works trace different interpretations of 'event'. He interprets the event not merely as what happens but as different ways of tracing changes in form, drive, and existence.

Born in Slovenia, raised in Canada, and having lived in the UK for over a decade, his life has been shaped by questions of subjectivity, change and dispossession – Where and what’s meant by home or origin? Who creates, works, exists?

He is interested in a principle of change called 'multiplicity'. This basically means that he plays with many different approaches, a multiplicity of disciplines––unconventional drawings, painting, live-art, performance, video, telematic works, and projection technology.

With viewers, he tries to present and share conditions that appear abstract (points, lines, planes, shadows) and concrete (space, the present, gravity, rhythm, action, decision, and image).

He interprets events through a 'trace' that is therefore philosophical and political in event. Tracing events of where and how persons, subjects and things can come together, live, insist, pass away––and still persist. Drive.

His writings are used to work through philosophical and theoretical problems, or irresolvable contradictions in, change as event and multiplicity.

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